Holiday Crash Courses

Crash Courses are offered in the school holidays. It’s a “Crash Course” in that the swimmer swims for 30 minutes every day (Stroke Correction Crash Course) or 45 minutes every day (Fitness Crash Course), for 5 consecutive days. Crash Course swimmers are grouped according to level firstly, then age as much as possible (the application form helps assess previous experience of new swimmers and group accordingly).


In our Crash Courses we focus on 2 strokes intensively. Our lesson plans are structured around the specific needs or specific requests of the different groups.


Crash Courses are ideal opportunities to tackle problems or certain strokes that swimmers are struggling with. These swimmers are kept active in the holiday and we have fun together!


We prefer and recommend new swimmers to participate in one of our Crash Courses before joining Greydogs’ term slots. This has proven over time to be the most efficient means in which we can include new swimmers in the appropriate group for the following term, for the following reasons:


1: It familiarises the swimmer with the coaches and our terminology and our way of coaching.
2: It gives us the opportunity to get new swimmers up to the level of similar-aged swimmers.
3: It helps the coaches to get to know the new swimmers and their capabilities, which in turn ensures that we find them a suitable group, level wise, for them.




Holiday Crash Course (5 consecutive days)
R550 per swimmer/course.

For swimmers specifically wanting individual lessons, the school holidays i.e. Crash course dates are the best time for us to offer this.

Private lessons cost
R180/lesson of half hour

Price when booking 2 or more: R340(2x private lessons)/R480 (3x private lessons)



2018 Holiday Crash Course Calendar


October Crash Course
1st – 5th October


December Crash Course
11th – 15th December


2019 Holiday Crash Course Calendar


January Crash Course
4th ,5th ,7th  and 8th January


March Crash Course 
26th -30th March


June Crash Course
19th -20th June plus 24th -25th June


September Crash Course
25th -28th September plus 30th September


December Crash Course
9th -13th  December





Crash Course Newsletter Oct 2018




Bank: FNB
Acc No: 62610907828
Business cheque acc
Branch Code: 250655
Recipient Reference: ” swimmers initial + surname + term/course ” e.g. : JohnSmithDecCC


Proof of payment can be faxed to 021 8521975 or emailed to or, when making an EFT, elect that your bank advises us by email and insert for this purpose.