Fitness Lessons

Fitness Lessons: Ages generally 8 – 16 yrs


Our swimmers move over from Stroke Correction to Fitness Lessons when all four competitive strokes are consistently correct and they have a basic knowledge base of the theory of swimming. For example, being able to demonstrate 3 drills correctly of each of the four strokes.


From a stamina point of view we recommend that a swimmer is ready for Fitness Lesson when they are able to comfortably swim 600m in 30 minutes. This we have found is a good indication that they are able to cope with the distance and challenges of a Fitness Lesson. Our coaches will recommend when they feel a swimmer is ready to move from Stroke Correction to Fitness Lessons.


Fitness Lessons differs from Stroke Correction in 4 respects:


  1. Fitness groups are bigger (6-8 swimmers as opposed to 3-4 swimmers).
  2. Fitness sessions are longer (45 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes).
  3. With our Fitness Lessons the emphasis is on practising and strengthening the four strokes. Fitness swimmers swim further i.e. a minimum distance of 1 km is swum (Introductory Fitness) to 1.2 km-1.5 kms (Standard Fitness). In our Stroke Correction lessons our focus is on correct technique and perfecting the four strokes. These swimmers still manage to swim 20 lengths (about 0.5kms) and are also improving their stamina as well.
  4. Fitness swimmers follow a specific “training programme” (i.e. specific sets with leaving times) whereas our Stroke Correction swimmers follow “lessons plans” that include a lot more discussion and demonstration.


Our Fitness Lessons are designed to introduce the training and fitness elements of swimming and start to establish a base aerobic capacity in young swimmers.


Our Fitness Lesson is our bridging lesson between the Stroke Correction and Greydogs Swimming Club or Squad type training. Swimmers are taught how to train in a chain, use the clock, follow and understand sets and leaving times. They are introduced to the idea of pacing, training zones and using the heart rate. Each lesson is prepared around a theme which runs concurrently with our Stroke Correction lesson theme.


We encourage our Fitness swimmers to train on our downloadable sessions on their own i.e. repeat the lesson, before the following week, which helps them get fitter and stronger quicker.




Stroke Correction weekly term slots 
R1070 per swimmer/term.


Reduced Early Bird fee:
R1020 (1 week before the start of the term


2018 Fitness Lessons Calendar


4th term
Tuesday 9th October – Monday 10th December (9 weeks)


2019 Fitness Lessons Calendar


1st term
Wednesday 9th January – Tuesday 19th  March (10 weeks)

2nd term
Monday 1st  April – Monday 10th  June (10 weeks)
Plus 12th &14th June
Excluding  19th  April, 22nd  April and 1st May (Public Holidays)

3rd term
Tuesday 9th  July – Monday 16th September (10 weeks)
Plus 20th  September
Excluding 9th August

4th term
Tuesday 1st  October – Friday 4th December (9 weeks)





Newsletter Stroke-Fitness 1st term 2018




Please click on the link below for the timetable


 Fitness timetable 2018


Bank details


Bank: FNB
Acc No: 62610907828
Business cheque acc
Branch Code: 250655
Recipient Reference: ” swimmers initial + surname + term/course ” e.g. : J.SmithTerm1. Or JohnSmithT1


Proof of payment can be faxed to 021 8521975 or emailed to or, when making an EFT, elect that your bank advises us by email and insert for this purpose.