Our Name

Our name “Greydogs”, comes from the cold grey waters of Scotland. More specifically, the powerful tidal currents that run in the straights between the western islands and the mainland. These fast moving powerful white turbulent waters created by the currents look like hounds speeding effortlessly over the water and are referred to locally as “the race of the greydogs”.

The channel to the south, Bealach a' Choin Ghlais (pass of the grey dog), is only 200 metres wide and is scoured by the notorious 'Grey Dog' tidal race which reaches 8 knots when in full flood. The legend associated with the Bealach a' Choin Ghlais is part of the same story that surrounds the naming of the nearby Gulf of Corryvreckan (English: the speckled cauldron). This is where the Norse Prince Breacan of Lochlann is said to have drowned when his boat sank there, so giving his name to this great whirlpool. The prince's dog managed to swim to land and went in search of his master. Failing to find him on Jura or Scarba he tried to leap across the strait to Lunga, but missed his footing on Eilean a' Bhealaich which sits in the middle of the channel between the two islands. He slipped into the raging current and drowned as well, giving his own name in turn to the strait where he fell - the 'pass of the grey dog'.

Our team logo is therefore a line drawing of a Greyhound, for anyone who has watched a greyhound race, these animals demonstrate speed, grace and efficiency of movement, which is something we should all strive for in swimming. A greyhound can reach up to 70km/hr and beats a thoroughbred by 1000 metres. A greyhound's unique running action transfers the forward momentum to their body's center of mass that virtually eliminates the hinderance of gravity! This enables them to recruit the full potential of their pedal musculature to propel their body forward at great speed through a running technique honed over the years by a love of the chase.