Outside of lesson time, swimmers under the age of 14 need to be supervised by an adult (non-negotiable gym regulation). Swimmers under the age of 14 are NOT allowed to be in the main or baby pool unattended. An adult needs to be at the pool watching them at all times. (This rule applies even if there is a teacher coaching on pool deck. Coaches attention is on the swimmers in their lanes and NOT in the other lanes).


Hand over:
Due to an increase in incidents occurring with minors in the gym e.g. kids running amok in the gym, a new rule of handing swimmers under 14 years to the coaches will be implemented as of immediate effect. Parents are asked to bring swimmers to the pool for their lesson and collect from the pool after the lesson.


All swimmers need to be members of Waterstone Virgin Active. They need to have their own cards to access the facility. Please contact VA reception/sales should you have membership queries.


Access cards:
If they do not have a card at reception they will need to give their ID number (helpful to have a copy/picture of birth certificate on your phone).


Should an Aupair/friend lift your swimmer under 14 years to swim lessons, you need to ensure that reception have the relevant required documents are completed in order to allow for this.


No running on pool deck!
This is an important rule for swimmers to learn for ALL pools at ALL times. Many accidents can be avoided this way.
Swim responsibly and considerately to other members…for example, absolutely NO backflips and NO bombdrops…at any time!


Our missing lesson policy:
If swimmers don’t arrive for the lesson they forfeit the session and the other swimmers will benefit from a smaller group lesson.


Swimmers please try to arrive on time and be dressed and ready to start your lesson. It is a disruption to the coach and inconsiderate to the other swimmers to have late comers.

  • We like good mannered swimmers and if a swimmer arrives a few minutes late please they need to apologise to the coach for being late.
  • If a swimmer arrives 10 minutes too late it is not productive for them to join the lesson.


Swimmers need to remember to bring their own caps and goggles.
Caps need to be worn in the pool at all times, this is a gym regulation and boys are not exempt either!


Cloak room etiquette:
Swimmers are reminded to put tog bags away in lockers and respect other members by keeping a clean and tidy change area.


Spectators 25m Pool:
To be honest we prefer parents to hand over swimmers to our coaches, keeping the pool deck clear allows us to coach better i.e. to focus more on the swimmers. If you would like to spectate you may observe from the treadmills or the leisure pool, alternatively you may sit on the roll up stations (boxes) on the pool deck, although please be aware of the other members training and tumble turning, and the coaches coaching. The pool deck is narrow and things get hectic with swimmers coming and going.


Spectators 10m Pool:
GreyPups parents are allowed to sit on pool deck as the kiddies are still little.


Swimmers are asked not to swim in the small pool before their lesson as we often see those swimmers struggle with to transition from the warm pool to the colder pool, and therefore struggle to concentration for their full lesson.


NO touching of the lanes rope, in either pools! Lane ropes are brittle and sharp and have metals clamps. If they snap they can really hurt! Also lane ropes are expensive to replace.


Remember children respond well to positive reinforcement, encouragement and praise. Please give praise where praise is due, i.e. best effort.


Coaches have boards, flippers, buoys and swim aids for our stroke correction swimmers. Stroke swimmers are welcome to bring their own equipment if they have. All Club and fitness swimmers are asked to purchase and bring to training their own equipment i.e. board, finz, pullbouy.


Lucy does all Greydogs correspondence. Please do not ask the coach for his/her phone number as they are under strict instruction not to give it out to parents. Please email matters that need to be brought to our attention to Lucy.

  • As much as possible we want our attention at the pool to be on the swimming, we want each swimmer to get as much swimming out of each session as possible.


Happy swimming! Thank you for your co-operation.


General reminders


All Greydogs and GreyPups swimmers must have signed and returned the below document:


General Reminders 2017 (PDF | 274Kb)