Lucy Barlow

Owner and Coach

Lucy Barlow is the owner of Greydogs Swimming Team, called Greydogs, and of the Greydogs Swimming Club.


Lucy has been coaching swimming in Somerset West under her own brand since 2001. Greydogs Swimming Team was founded in 2005 and Greydogs Swimming Club was officially registered with Swim South Africa (SSA) in 2011..


Lucy holds a Swim South Africa (SSA) Learn-To-Swim Teaching Certificate as well as a SSA Level 1 Coaching Certificate. She has attended many of the WPA and SSA conferences and workshops over the years as well as the American Swim Coaches Association courses and conferences. Lucy attended an international coaching course namely the Swim Smooth Course at Sterling University, Scotland, where she learnt how to do underwater Video Stroke-Analysis.


Lucy has an Honours degree in Psychology (from UCT) and falls on this experience for teaching and working with children. She finds the Child Psychology tools very useful. Lucy completed her Master of Science at Stellenbosch University in her second major which was Physiology. “After a gap year overseas, there was an opportunity at the Stellenbosch Exercise Laboratory under Professor Myburgh to do research in Stress and combine my interest in the mind, the body and health. I was the right person for the post as I had a background in Psychology and Physiology, and I jumped at the opportunity. It took me an additional 3 and a bit years to complete my Honours and then research Masters in Physiology.”


Lucy was a very successful and talented swimmer. Her first South Africa record she broke at the age of 8 years old and she went on to break many more Provincial and National age-group records. The strokes she excelled at were Freestyle and Backstroke. She qualified for Senior Nationals throughout her high school years where she also placed.


Lucy achieved Springbok colours for Lifesaving and Pentathlon. The highlight of her sporting career was winning two silver medals at the World Lifesaving Championships in 1992 for swimming-related events. Lucy was fortunate enough to be trained and coached and influenced by many exceptional coaches in South Africa and abroad: Libby Burrel, Santa van Jaarsveld, Greg Hodge (Sydney, Australia), National Aquatic Centre (Heidelberg, Germany) and Pierre de Roubaix.


Lucy understands stroke dynamics and swimming training. She is able to successfully impart that knowledge and passion onto young swimmers. “The focus for me the last few years has been about improving on our existing lesson plans, administering Greydogs efficiently and effectively and ensuring that the Club is a successful extension of our Stroke School, which is has been.”


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Fadia resize 3

Fadia Abels


Fadia is an accomplished Backstroke and Individual Medley Swimmer, so a good all-rounder who makes a great all-rounded Stroke and Junior Club coach.


Fadia in 2012 obtained a Coaching Science Diploma at the Exercise Teaching Academy (ETA). She coached swimming at the Strand Municipal Pool for seven years. In 2013 she was also the Beaumont Primary Swimming Coach. As a swimmer her highest qualifying level was SSA level 1.  In 2015 she received WP colours in Biathlon.


Fadia’s passion is sport in general and swimming is just one of them. Feel free to question her on cricket and rugby too. She plays touch rugby regularly. In 2016 she is training for Inter-provincial Touch Rugby Tournament and Open Water Swimming events. Fadia (the athlete) is sponsored by Sailfish and also works at promoting this renown and popular German wetsuit brand. Sailfish also has a wide range a swim and triathlon clothing.


Fadia loves her coaching and working with kids because she enjoys interacting with them and seeing them progress and achieve. Despite being tiny is stature and looking half her age, don’t mess with her, you will come off second best … she can be strict too and takes no nonsense. The swimmers and her have a lot of fun together, and in a very encouraging way she is able to get them to work really hard.



Brogan Dannhauser


Brogan Dannhauser is studying primary school teaching at Stellenbosch University. She has coaching experience having coached previously in Stellenbosch and prior to that in KZN.


Brogan connects easily with our GreyPups and has a passion for teaching and children. She is good at setting the boundaries and getting the most out of the swimmers from every lesson. She exhibits patience and compassion towards the swimmers in her coaching. She was a swimmer and is the daughter of a highly respected SA swim coach Delon, from Seagulls Aquatics (had to share that!).


Like all the swim coaches at Greydogs/GreyPups, swimming is in Brogan’s blood! We are excited to have her as part of our team.




Marusa Mason


Marusa Mason was a provincial swimmer and swum for the Club “Tomcats”, back in the days. She is new to Greydogs but not new to swimming coaching and teaching. She has coached swimming in Joburg, Hermanus and Somerset West. She is experienced with all age groups of swim teaching (learn to swim) and coaching. Her passion for health and fitness extends into personal training and conditioning. She has travelled extensively and globally with Triathlon at World Champs level and representing South Africa and Great Britain. Marusa is also an accomplished Triathlete, Artist and Mother of two!